Horseback Riding in the Colorado Rockies

Horseback riding in the mountains of Colorado is an experience for anyone interested in the outdoors and beautiful scenery. Is experience necessary, no, from children to adults, but be careful of the outfitter you go with and the terrain you are going to ride in.

There are outfitters that only do trail rides meaning nose to tail, a slow walk ,smelling the roses and enjoying the views. Good for children and the inexperienced. Then there are companies that ride horses like they are meant to be ridden. from trotting to full on galloping.

Want an adventure go on a cattle drive. has the right outfitters for the whole family. Great horses, friendly and easy to ride. Professional guides that will look after you safety and teach you the correct riding techniques. Ride in the winter through the snow or in the trees and meadows in the summer.

About CMA

We are dedicated to finding the best outfitters and guide companies along with other local Colorado services.

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