ATV Rental and Tours Vail

ATV Rentals and Tours Vail gives you the opportunity to be part of the scenery, part of nature and will give you memories for a lifetime. A photographers dream.

With Atv Rentals and Tours Vail you do not need any experience, all tour operators will provide an orientation in how to safely operate your ATV.


Tours can either be arranged with a guide or you can go out on your own and explore the beautiful backcountry of Colorado.  Vail ATV rentals and Tours takes you up in the White River national forest where you can explore thousands and thousands of acres, riding thru alpine meadows, gorgeous wildflowers, rushing streams and always have the opportunity to spot wildlife.

Riding an ATV is just plain fun. Going with the right attitude you become part of nature, all your senses are enhanced, seeing the mountains not from inside a car but being part of the mountains, smelling the wildflowers, even the air smells different, stopping at a mountain stream and having a picnic gives you a sense of peace and tranquility. Take your ATV thru shallow brooks get wet and dirty, enjoy the experience.

ATV Vail Colorado Rentals and Tours on average will start you at elevations of near 9,000 feet and you can ride as high as 12,500 feet seeing four different mountain ranges  getting up to the continental divide and seeing the two tallest peaks in Colorado Mount Elbert and Mount Massive.

Going out on a ATV does not have to be a solo experience, now there are side by side ATV’s where they will accommodate up to 4 people so take the whole family.

Have an experience like no other come out with ATV Rentals and Tours Vail.

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